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Altjeringa is the brainchild of Jack. The company was founded in 2004 and based on the concept of the Australian Aborigines' "dream time", the realm outside of space and time from which all times and places spring.
Altjeringa's entertainment division was the company's first real venture. Many exciting artists were introduced to the scene by Altjeringa.
In 2008, Altjeringa began exploring alternative energy technologies, as we wanted to do our part to help everyone go green, and protect our fragile planet. However, dark days were ahead of us. In 2009, on the cusp of a new company paradigm, Altjeringa was saddled with a legal struggle that nearly closed our doors forever.
In 2012, thanks in part to help from - and the eventual acquisition by - San Salvador Holdings, Inc, we overcame our struggle and got back to work rebuilding our entertainment operations.
2013 saw our website relaunch, and a new era in Altjeringa history began!